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I had two sessions with Sid and Morgan, both were energetically potent and our post Reiki-work discussion was very interesting as we compared the sensations, imagery and symbols that arose as they worked on my chakras with Reiki. The weeks following were a further unfolding of this, as what came out in the healing sessions was manifesting in strong synchronicities and in my spiritual practice! I truly enjoyed interacting with them and would highly recommend them.

– Colin P. (Juneau, Alaska)

My Reiki session with Morgan and Sidney was very insightful and healing. Their knowledge of astrology and the effects of different astrological transits resonated completely with me and added even more depth to the healing session. This was particularly helpful as I had a business trip planned, which involved five days of non-stop socializing which is typically draining for an introvert like me. Thanks to their Reiki session, I found myself energized and able to meet many amazing people without feeling overwhelmed and drained by the constant interactions. If you’re considering a session with them, you will be taken very good care of.

– Jasmine C. (North Carolina)

After receiving an Empress Reiki session, I felt a noticeable shift in my energy. My body feels lighter, my thoughts clearer, and I feel more grounded in the present moment. I feel an increased connection to Cascadia’s land spirits and the Divine Feminine. I am grateful for the healing effects this session has provided!

– Olivia H. (Pacific Northwest)

My experience with Empress Reiki was powerful and transformative. It felt like a gentle but strong wave of energy was washing over me during the session, leaving me feeling relaxed and balanced afterwards. The Venusian energy was particularly nurturing and calming, making me feel soothed and held. I highly recommend this practice for anyone looking for a holistic healing experience.

– Josie A.

This was incredibly powerful yet gentle at the same time. I could feel energy coursing through my body and it left me feeling energized and invigorated afterwards. My session included Root Chakra work that gave me a deep sense of connection to nature, which is something I hadn’t experienced before! This practice is truly remarkable!

– Tina V.

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