Powerful Transformations: What Clients Say

A month ago, I embarked on a journey with Empress Reiki to tackle barriers in my beliefs that I felt were preventing me from finding the right partner. I opted for a Relationship Reiki session and it was a revelation. Sidney and Morgan were warm, deep, and nurturing and immediately put me at ease, even though the session was remote.

During the session, the Reiki pinpointed and helped me address a deep-seated skepticism and a hidden fear of commitment. Through their skilled guidance, I was able to release these blocks and open myself up to the possibilities of love with renewed optimism and readiness. It felt like new people started appearing out of nowhere.

Now, just a month later, I am thrilled to share that I have met someone wonderful. Our connection feels open and genuine, a direct result of me no longer carrying the burden of past disappointment. Sidney and Morgan’s intentional work cleared my path. I feel equipped to embrace a new relationship with confidence and joy.

For anyone feeling stuck or unsure in your pursuit of love, I wholeheartedly recommend a session with Empress Reiki. Their holistic approach didn’t just facilitate healing—it sparked profound personal transformation.

– Audrey H. (New York)

The Relationship Reiki session I had with Empress Reiki, coupled with a Zodiacal Release reading, was a game-changer for me. During the session, they helped me unearth an issue in my solar plexus. There was pain there and I realized I had a deep-seated feeling of unworthiness that had been casting a shadow over my relationship. Thanks to their gentle Reiki, I was able to release this emotional block and see my partner’s love in a whole new light. The week after the session has been amazing and transformative.

Empress Reiki’s holistic approach not only nurtured our relationship but also provided me with invaluable insights for continued growth. I finished the session feeling more aligned, harmonious, and deeply connected with my partner. If you’re looking to deepen your bond with a profound sense of love and unity, I wholeheartedly recommend Empress Reiki. I will be coming back soon!

– Jamie A.

My Reiki session with Morgan and Sidney was very insightful and healing. Their knowledge of astrology and the effects of different astrological transits resonated completely with me and added even more depth to the healing session. This was particularly helpful as I had a business trip planned, which involved five days of non-stop socializing which is typically draining for an introvert like me. Thanks to their Reiki session, I found myself energized and able to meet many amazing people without feeling overwhelmed and drained by the constant interactions. If you’re considering a session with them, you will be taken very good care of.

– Jasmine C. (North Carolina)

I had two sessions with Sid and Morgan, both were energetically potent and our post Reiki-work discussion was very interesting as we compared the sensations, imagery and symbols that arose as they worked on my chakras with Reiki. The weeks following were a further unfolding of this, as what came out in the healing sessions was manifesting in strong synchronicities and in my spiritual practice! I truly enjoyed interacting with them and would highly recommend them.

– Colin P. (Juneau, Alaska)

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