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  • Twice the Reiki for the same time.
  • Boost your life, accelerate growth, and optimize wellness through a meditative Japanese healing art that is over one hundred years old.
  • We provide a Reiki session analysis and psychic reading during each session.
  • After every session, we do sorcery to help improve your situation.

$300 for a 90 minute Mount Shasta session.

$100 for a 30 minute Haystack Rock session.

Let the light in! Connecting to Reiki aids full healing of the self. Reiki works on your body, mind, and life. Reiki healing sessions help you to enjoy improved loving, creating, and abundance.

Your Reiki session will be channeled by both of our practitioners and our Spirit Team. Your session includes a discussion of your experience and a psychic reading. We share visions and information revealed by Reiki.

Haystack Rock Session

We offer a 30 minute remote Reiki session option in which Sidney and Morgan will work on you together. These sessions are suited for addressing a targeted problem area in your health or a situation in your life, offering improvement, enhancement, and healing.

Do you have something weighing on your mind: a persistent pain, a relationship, or a past or future event troubling you? We will focus on sending Reiki to benefit that issue when you schedule this session.

These sessions are also a great “walk-in” experience for showing up and allowing us to sense the area that will benefit most from Reiki.

These sessions are ideal for trying Reiki when you are on the go!

Mount Shasta Session

Our most commonly booked session is our 90 minute option, the Mount Shasta session.

Similar to the Haystack Rock session, you receive healing from Sidney and Morgan and our spirit team. These sessions involve a full emotional healing and working on every area of the body and field.

You then receive a full consultation and psychic reading which typically takes place in the last third of the session.

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Free Reiki

As special events we sometimes provide free remote Reiki guided meditations. Each event focuses on a unique theme often guided by current astrological opportunities and difficulties. During these sessions participants are invited to relax and receive Reiki.

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In each Reiki consultation, we will discuss changes you would like to see in your life. We will narrow in together on a focus such as: manifesting new opportunities in one particular area (business, romance, health), binding a difficult situation, opening roads, removing obstacles, enhancing creativity, increasing fortune, and more. You can learn more about our magical backgrounds and practices here.

After the session, we will do the working for you.

We work with highly benevolent beings. We work in Hoodoo and many other magical modalities. Our workings are done in alignment with the highest good of the Universe.

Heal The Soul

In Reiki, as in animist and shamanic healing modalities, the root of disease is unintentional disconnection from the Universe. Reiki connects you back to Source, which facilitates healing on all levels (mental health, physical health, and the energy body).

Connecting to Source goes beyond mental and physical health—we believe that true health extends to the full healing of the soul and a life of joy, love, creativity, and abundance.


Who is Reiki for?

Reiki is for everyone. Some of our Reiki clients have included AI researchers, artists, and hot sauce entrepreneurs!

What is remote Reiki and what can I expect during a remote Reiki session?

Remote Reiki is Reiki energy healing conducted at a distance. Unlike hands-on Reiki, the practitioner does not need to be physically present with the client in order to send healing energy. Usui’s method of remote Reiki has been continued in all major Reiki lineages for over a hundred years.

The channeler’s focused intent directs healing energy towards the recipient. Visualizations, symbols, and specific hand positions are used to send this energy. The recipient receives the energy through their own energy field which has been bridged with the healer’s during the remote session.

This type of healing can be used to help with physical, emotional, and mental health issues to the extent that hands-on Reiki does.

Is remote Reiki just as effective as in-person treatments?

Yes! Remote Reiki is just as powerful as in-person treatments, since both rely on energetic vibrations and connection with the practitioner’s aura.

In fact, many people find the remote sessions more effective, convenient, and pleasant due to the ability to relax comfortably in an environment under their control at home.

Does Reiki work/will Reiki work for me?

Reiki works on your field in alignment with your highest good, so you will always benefit at the spiritual and energetic levels from receiving it.

Our clients report feeling more relaxed and rejuvenated after receiving an Empress Reiki session. Many of them have reported significant improvements in their health situations, life situations, and outlooks after working with us.

The benefits of Reiki are rapidly becoming recognized in the modern world. Reiki is increasingly employed at a large number of hospitals including clinics connected to Duke, Johns Hopkins, and Sloan Kettering, and has been studied at Harvard University and taught at Yale School of Medicine. You can learn more about Reiki’s origins and potential here.

At Empress Reiki, we believe in an expanded definition of symptoms that includes physical symptoms of bodily illness as well as external symptoms of dysfunction in your life such as recurring negative patterns that appear to be caused by external factors or other people.

Healing the spirit usually results in positive changes to one’s experienced reality, which can manifest as symptoms lessening or even disappearing. In Reiki theory, as in most holistic approaches to health, Reiki can result in lessening or even removal of symptoms of either type (and often both together).

Additionally Reiki tends to provide insight into the spiritual, energetic, and emotional causes of symptoms, which can provide clarity about how to prevent these issues and similar issues going forward. This may provide you with additional ways to take charge of your health and life.

What physical sensations might I experience during or after a Reiki session?

It is normal and okay to experience any of the following sensations during or after a Reiki session:

  • Energetic tingling
  • Hot and cold sensations
  • Feelings of comfort, massage, or swaddling
  • Sleepiness
  • Profound emotional catharsis
  • Visions
  • Personal gnosis
  • Kundalini experiences

If you experience any discomfort, you are encouraged to adjust to maximum comfort and continue the session.

Drowsiness during Reiki is perfectly normal. The more relaxed you are the better the energy can flow—if you fall asleep this can be a good sign.

Is my Sorcery intention for the highest good?

To see if your desire for a working is in alignment with the highest good, some questions to ask may be:

  • If this magic works, could this benefit multiple people? (directly or indirectly)
  • If I desire something positive, such as love, is my desire respectful of other people involved or does it seek to interfere with the free will of another person?
  • If I desire a binding or an obstacle removal, would removing the obstacle or binding the negative entity/person generally benefit other people or create unnecessary difficulties?

It’s okay if you do not know if your intention is for the highest good. Most desires have a positive seed. Talk with us and we can help to shape a positive framing before we perform the working.

Is Reiki a form of massage?


Does Empress Reiki offer in-person Reiki session booking?

Not currently. Our in-person sessions are referral only.