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Our Story

Sid and Morgan are a husband and wife Reiki team.

Sid and Morgan met (in this lifetime) nearly a decade ago at a meditation retreat in Asheville. Although we were initially separated by many miles, a long correspondence blossomed with over a thousand pages of writing about magic, enchantment, healing, and love; some of our first emails to each other were over 50 pages long.

We discovered miraculous parallels in our lives, energies, and worldview. We both practiced magic and connected with benevolent spirits and the dead. We both practiced in the same Buddhist traditions and believed in enlightenment as a tangible reality. We’d both abandoned the assumptions of scientific training (with Morgan’s experience as a quantum chemistry graduate student at UCLA, and Sid’s astrophysics research). We saw each other in bonfires. We visited each other in dreams, in astral journeys together, and by airplane. We fell deeply in love, eventually moving to Cascadia together. As part of our work with land spirits, on our honeymoon we made offerings at Crater Lake, Mount Shasta, Haystack Rock at Cannon Beach, and old-growth redwood forests.

We are best friends who love collaborating on Vajrayana Buddhist practices, shamanic training, creative writing, sorcery, personal development, programming, business, cooking, and just about everything else.

Reiki instructors teach that adding Reiki practitioners multiplies the benefits of the Reiki session. Two practitioners can double the session effectiveness overall, increasing the depth and power of the experience. We do all Empress Reiki sessions together and run our business as an enthusiastic team.

We love helping people with Reiki, listening to clients together, and sharing what we’ve learned with you.

Sidney Gray

Sidney is an experienced healer, astrology enthusiast, and mystic. He completed shamanic training from the Four Winds Society to become a Time Master, and has received Reiki training from several teachers. He trains in magical Buddhism in the Shangpa Kagyu lineage of Tibetan Buddhism. In 2014 he undertook six months of full-time Buddhist solo retreat.

Sid studied ancient and modern esoteric practices of healing and spirit work for years before receiving Reiki transmissions. Inspired by Fleet Maull he wandered for a year across the United States and meditated (sleeping on benches, in sea caves, and on friendly couches), and has lived in multiple cities including New York, Los Angeles, and outside of Hong Kong before settling in the Pacific Northwest. He has a degree from Brown University where he studied math and philosophy and carried out astrophysics research before learning to talk to the stars.

Prior to learning Reiki and his shamanic initiation, Sidney devoted years to benevolent necromancy, ancestral work, folk magic, spellwork, and traditional spirit conjuration (most notably with The Book of Oberon grimoire, written/compiled in the 1580s) conversing with scores of angels, hosting fairy dinners, binding and exorcising demons, and studying hundreds of magical, astrological, and historical books. Over the same years he completed thousands of hours of work for several of America’s luxury hotels and numerous fashion brands at a digital agency in New York, meeting interesting people displaying a full spectrum of energies and earning a comfortable income assisted by magic. He brings a broad knowledge of the magical, spiritual, and energetic worlds to your Reiki session.

Sidney’s own healing journey has been fruitful and long. When he was born his father was in prison (during those years he faced over twenty charges ranging from drug dealing to forgery to worse), and by three Sidney was homeless. He experienced food insecurity frequently. At age fifteen he began rigorously practicing meditation after reading texts on it while locked in a room (by dubious caregivers) for three months with no outside contact or media to engage, finding incredible joy and later dedicating himself to obtaining enlightenment. Both of his biological parents had been adopted and he eventually was as well, before moving out after his second year of high school to start college and leave an oppressive and dogmatic religious environment. This means the surnames of any of his blood ancestors are completely unknown, and he has experienced little material family support, connection, or direction in this lifetime. Sid has used the sacred power of Reiki, along with Buddhist Tantra, theurgy, and shamanism, for healing the holes in his own life (and frequently for helping others).

Despite and because of his experiences, Sid has found great value in healing the heart, in ancestral work, and in connecting with the broader Cosmos, finding spirit family and cultivating compassion for all. He loves people (human and otherwise), he loves working with clients, and he’d love to work with you.

During his 2014 retreats involving mind-popping hours of flame meditation, Sid became a seer and he experiences daily vivid open-eyed visions of spirits, Buddhas, auras, pagan deities, and metaphoric events.

Morgan Gray


Morgan is a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master, and also has training in Tanran Reiki (originating from Cascadia) and a shamanic initiation through the Four Winds Society.

Morgan Gray is a skillful healer and loving hedge witch. She befriended fairies at a young age, awakening her psychic gifts, and after surviving a Near Death Experience after drowning as a child she developed an early interest in spirituality and sought faith through many challenging avenues. In her own words:

Following a fey sense of being pulled or called, I disobeyed the rules leaving safety for deeper water. The last thing I experienced—as water filled my lungs with burning pain and I began to stop thrashing around and sink—was darkness. No visions of heaven or friendly spirit helpers, only void.

Miraculously, I was saved.

Since then it’s been a path of healing from skepticism to mysticism, seeking a direct connection to the divine rather than holding untested beliefs or blind obedience.

I can intuitively heal the root and the crown thanks to my own training as a healer at the hands of the Universe in a modern context.

In my early life I disobeyed authority repeatedly to see what was out there with drastic consequences. Yet the limits of human authority and the errors of materialism were undeniable. I then spent countless hours navigating and healing from the larger experiences of alienation and disconnect I perceived between the chaos of modern living and the holy balances and harmonies in nature. This interplay between divinity and skepticism, immanence and ignorance, love and fear has animated my journey.

My approach to healing focuses on repairing the damages of disbelief, opening spiritual channels, and empowering you to exist as your authentic self.

Once the path between the root (belonging, survival, the Earth) and the crown (spiritual truth) is open, healing of anything in-between is also expedited.

I have deep experience healing root issues in my own life, given that I survived my NDE and integrated the experience. At odds with family and society, I made it out of my home state and found my spiritual home in Cascadia. I know how to be true to myself and be supported by the Universe at the same time; some people with grounding issues have trouble being true to themselves and may feel it would be fatal to do so—I can help you move beyond that.

I am passionate about healing generational trauma. I have plenty of personal experience with it!

I have also healed the Spirit connection in my own life, given my experience seeing only darkness as I approached death during my drowning. Despite going to Catholic school by choice, I struggled with the question of whether God was real and whether there is anything on the other side for years. Through meditation and cultivation of inner quietude, I awakened a direct spiritual connection to the divine that is based on personal experience. The experiences of the divine I sought after came again and again. Due to this, I have the power to facilitate the healing of those people struggling with traumas of atheism and materialism, as I have healed from those things myself too.

Finally, among Spirit connections I am particularly devoted to healing the Divine Feminine.

Heal the Cosmos through healing the individual and their family line through them. What is being healed? The Divine.

Many modern people have an injured or missing relationship with the Divine Feminine in the modern era. By restoring this sacred connection to the Divine Feminine that is the birthright of every person, we can heal wounds related to female experience and the wounded feminine (whether a person has been victimized by the wounded feminine energy or whether a person is feminine and has been victimized because of their femininity). Re-establishing our lost and fragmented connection to the Divine Feminine restores wholeness and balance to the individual, ancestral line, and Cosmos.

Divine energy is the highest form of energy on the planet—it can clear all blockages! Awaken the inner divine, connect to outer divinities, and we will all be led to the highest good.

I desire to live in a world with more peace, magic, and thriving for all beings everywhere. I desire to heal the Universe through each client, which means I’m invested in helping as many people as possible heal and transform their lives.

Morgan attended Catholic high school of her own volition, took jobs in the forest whenever she could, and finally reconnected with Spirit through the powerful meditative practices and Earth-oriented spirituality which inform and inspire her Reiki practice.

Developing intuitive powers through meditation, she has practiced extensively following Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana traditional Buddhist methods, most recently in the Kagyu Shangpa lineage. Morgan maintains daily practices in this authentic magical Buddhist school—a style of practice that combines Buddhist teachings with Tibetan shamanism. She has found the Vajrayana (Diamond Vehicle) to be beautifully compatible with Reiki and the animist spirit partnerships which inform her approach as a healer.

Morgan has always deeply wanted to understand the healing process, and worked at hospitals and trained as a biochemist at top schools before expanding her perspective on health and wellness. She then studied Four Winds shamanism to learn to step outside of time and expand her capacity to heal wounds of the soul.

Previously based in Los Angeles, Morgan loves the Pacific Northwest and spending time amid the trees. She regularly maintains her altar, where she works with benevolent spiritual guides, ancestors, angels, Buddhas, and friendly spirits of Cascadia. She believes that reconnecting to Spirit and the intelligences of nature is critically important, and unlocks positive change for any situation. She is happy to share the energy of Reiki to help facilitate that reconnection process.

Enzo Solomon

Enzo is a beloved healing pet.

Enzo the cat is a Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon with Pisces Ascendant. He is often accompanied by a posse of astral cats whom he appears to lead.

Many Empress Reiki clients have met him during their session or later in their dreams.

Enzo performs miracles and frequently conjures sunlight to lie in whilst living in the rainy climates of Cascadia.

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