Meet The Team

Sidney Gray

Sidney is an experienced healer, astrology enthusiast, and mystic. He trains in magical Buddhism, and in 2014 undertook six months of full-time Buddhist solo retreat. He studied ancient and modern esoteric practices of healing and spirit work for years before undergoing Reiki training. He has traveled the world and the United States, and has lived in multiple cities including New York, Los Angeles, and Hong Kong before settling in the Pacific Northwest. He has a degree from Brown University where he carried out astrophysics research before learning to talk to the stars.

Sidney is an enthusiastic psychogeographer, delving the curious connections between spirit and place. Psychogeography involves looking at everything from ancient and indigenous lore to the flow of elements, the intentional and ‘unintentional’ design of spaces, and even hidden energies behind street names. Some say geography is destiny, but it’s better to say geography is personality. Every place has one… or more!

Morgan Gray

Morgan Gray is a skilled healer and psychic. She has been developing her extrasensory perception since a young age—when she experienced miraculous visions of fairies.

Developing intuitive skills through meditation, she has practiced Theravada, Mahayana, and Vajrayana traditional Buddhist methods. She has always been passionate about healing, and trained as a biochemist at top schools before expanding her perspective on health and wellness. Previously based in Los Angeles, she loves the Pacific Northwest and spending time amid the trees.

Morgan maintains a daily meditation practice and regularly interacts with angels, Ascended Masters, and other benevolent spirits to receive guidance from the Cosmos. She considers herself to be a Lightworker and considers light energy to be the ultimate healer. Morgan is a certified Usui Ryoho Reiki Master, and also has training in Tanran (originating from Cascadia).

Enzo Solomon

Enzo is a beloved healing pet. Enzo the cat is a Taurus Sun, Cancer Moon with Pisces in the Ascendant. He is sixteen years old. He is often accompanied by a posse of astral cats whom he appears to lead. Many Empress Reiki clients have met him during their session or later in their dreams. Enzo performs miracles and frequently conjures sunlight to lie in whilst living in the rainy climates of Cascadia.